BMS / EMS / HVAC System Architecture

Building Management System (BMS) is the program required to achieve required level of monitoring and control of all the connected systems of the Clean Room facility. The level of automation required can be customized to any level, as per the client’s requirements.

It can be achieved by using suitable sensors at different locations where value is to be measured and have a controller which can interpret the input, process it and display the values and also set the values for any applicable alarms, controls and modulations.

Salient features of BMS are:

  • Monitoring of all required parameters of the facility to ascertain the health of the running plant.
  • Automatic controls for critical parameters can be set so that the system can control those parameters in the specified range only.
  • For parameters which are safety-critical, Suitable Alarms, Interlocks, and System shutdowns can be programmed to avoid untoward incidents.
  • Completely flexible to be adopted to the process and user requirements.
  • Automatic data recording at regular intervals so that history can be analyzed.
  • Intelligent graphs generation.
  • Integration with other third party services such as Compressors, Chillers, Vacuum pumps, Fire Alarm System, CCTV Systems, Clean Room particle counter etc


Environmental Monitoring System (EMS) provides monitoring, recording and alarming of critical process parameters in pharmaceutical production like temperature, humidity, differential pressure, HEPA Filter Status etc.

Airtech provides Environmental Monitoring solutions through localised Flush Stainless Steel Display units and sensors installed in the production area indicating temperature, RH & pressure.

These localised units are integrated in the network through centralised SCADA software. SCADA is equipped with records management, alarm records and event management with a secured login password as per guidelines of 21 CFR Part 11 .